281Z Military Underwear Cotton 2-Inch Boxer Briefs – Tactical Hiking Outdoor – Punisher Combat Line (Small, Olive Drab (2 Pack))



Brand: 281Z

Color: Olive Drab (2 Pack)


  • NATURAL FABRIC. Our boxers are made from natural organic cotton. It is soft to the touch, has good breathability and moisture wicking properties. You will remain comfortable in any conditions.
  • WIDE ELASTIC BAND. Soft and wide elastic band ensures the firm fit of the boxers, but does not cause discomfort or additional pressure.
  • QUALITY. The quality of these boxers was proved in the roughest and most demanding conditions of the modern battlefield. The combination of highly durable threads and high-quality fabric with durable and stretchable flatlock seams guarantee that 281Z boxers can cope with everything.
  • ATTENTION! For accurate sizing information, please refer to the size chart featured as an image on the listing. Do NOT refer to the Amazon size chart LINK next to the size selector.

Details: 281Z Boxers is versatile anatomical underwear for any active person out there. Designed to move and flex
with your body 281Z Boxers remain comfortable during the most intense activities. They stay up and sit firmly
thanks to the anatomical design and wide elastic band, but they do not creaty any additional pressure. Flat
seams are almost level to the fabric and you won’t even feel them, not to mention any possibility of rubbing
or irritation – these are just not possible. Boxers with 2-inch inseam are the shortest in our range, ideal for hot
weather. We also have boxers with 4 and 6 inch inseam, designed to cover any specific task.

Comfortable and soft natural fabric (95% cotton, 5% spandex) is soft, breathable and does not cause any irritation
or allergic reactions. Being an organic cotton – it keeps the moisture balance better then fast-drying synthetic fabrics,
and helps to avoid overheating when it’s too hot. It also breathes better than the majority of synthetics, so there
won’t be any excessive sweating.


    • anatomical cut
    • high quality natural material
    • flat seams prevent rubbing
    • a convenient location of the seams for added comfort
    • wide elastic belt
    • label without tags


It doesn’t matter, if you are a soldier, law enforcement of police officer, hiker that like to hit the trail, sportsman,
climber, hunter, fisherman, cyclist. If you are in desert, forest, tundra, arctic, jungle.

281Z boxers will perform. Anywhere, anytime.

281Z Development Group is a group of specialists in military gear that participated in the soldier’s personal
equipment enchancement program of Ukrainian Armed Forces from 2015 to 2016. All products, that were developed
by 281Z are thoroughly tested in field active conditions and have proven their quality in combat.
Made in Ukraine!


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